Know how to care of their hair

  Shampoo, a dust wash away, close your eyes and let the hair of the wind dancing, enjoying the faint fragrance of the hair ... is really a very pleasant thing. Every day we wash your hair, but you really will wash Sustained high temperatures, so that people every day, a bath, if the hair is washed every day is not bad, doctors have their own opinions.


  Western medicine: the best summer next day, wash your hair a Western doctor said, every day, wash your hair not only can not protect the hair, may also damage the hair. Wash the grease of the sebaceous glands of the ground will thoroughly wash the scalp and hair to lose the natural protective film, but unfavorable to the health of the hair. Western medicine is recommended: a summer best the next day wash, so that more scientific. (2) Some people do special work, health requirements, or to adhere to a daily shampoo.


  But no matter what people, cleaning the head should pay attention to the choice of shampoo, avoid using too much alkaline shampoo, preferably with hair conditioner. Tips: night shampoo habits to try to change the shampoo habit at night, followed by the washed dry hair or with hair dryer, ensuring clean, easy, healthy neither mistaken. Chinese medicine: combing the hair with the shampoo the same TCM Xiyuan Hospital, Dr Miao Qing, speaking, every hair has its connected to sebaceous glands continue to secrete sebum.


  Often to shampoo hair surface can be cleaned in time too much sebum eradicate fungal culture medium, significantly reduced dandruff generation, and effectively increase the hair smooth and easy combing. If time does not wash your hair, not only hair dirty and not conducive to the appearance, and may lead to dandruff, dermatitis and even hair loss and other diseases. Chinese medicine advocates that the hair should be regularly cleaned and often comb, especially now, people's life rhythm accelerate the more mental worker, we should pay more attention to this. Population except under special circumstances, most people there is no need to shampoo every day.


  TCM suggestions: 1. Best each week to wash three to four head. In a long time to work outdoors and mental worker, appropriate to increase the number of shampoo, in addition to the regular combing, promote blood circulation. Warning: shampoo stores all over the urban and rural streets as a place to relax, busy work to which the wash head, relax, after all, a pleasure. But experts believe that the way of this fashion may be adverse to human health.


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